Claims Resolution Agreement

[Name and address of the Claimant]

[Name and address of further heirs, if any]
(represented by [Name of Claimant 1])

who has filed a claim with respect to the dormant account of [Account Holder] that was received by the Central Contact Office of ATAG Ernst & Young AG, Basel, on [date] (hereinafter the "Claim").



hereby agree that the Claimant's claim to the above dormant account shall be resolved by the Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland.

The Claims Resolution Tribunal will make its decisions according to the Rules of Procedure for the Claim Resolution process as adopted on October 15, 1997 by the Independent Claims Resolution Foundation ("ICRF").   The parties have received a copy of these Rules of Procedure.

This agreement shall be governed by Swiss law.


The decision of the Claims Resolution Tribunal will be made public in an appropriate manner.   If the Claimant requests confidentiality all information relating to the identity of the Account Holder and the Claimant shall be kept confidential (Article 36 of the Rules of Procedure).
  • The Claimant hereby agrees that the decision about his claim will be published.

  • The Claimant hereby requests that his or her identity and the identities of the Account Holder and holder of power of attorney, if any, shall be kept confidential by the Claims Resolution Tribunal.
The Parties agree to submit any claims against the arbitrators of the Claims Resolution Tribunal, not resolved by the Board of Trustees of the ICRF, to arbitration in accordance with the Rules of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, provided, however, that the parties shall first exhaust any rights of recourse that they may have against the award.

Place and Date

Place and Date


[Name of Bank]


Prof. Dr. H.M. Riemer (As Chairman of the Board of Trustees for himself and for the members of the Board)

The Independent Committee of Eminent Persons
20 rue de Candolle (3rd Floor), 1205 Geneva, Switzerland
email: info@icep-iaep.org    &    icep-iaep.org :web