Interest and Fees Panel

      The Interest and Fees Panel--a special panel of experts--has been commissioned by the Board of Trustees of the Claims Resolution Foundation.   This panel will advise the Board on the amount of appropriate interest rate adjustments, adjustments for fees and charges, and adjustments of the return on custody or managed accounts.   These adjustments are designed to take into account the special circumstances under which at least some of the dormant accounts identified by the Swiss banks or the investigative audit became very long-term and inaccessible in a manner that was not originally contemplated by the depositors.

      The panel is Chaired by Mr. Henry Kaufman, the distinguished American financial economist, with the other two expert panelists--Prof. Elhanan Helpman from Israel and Dr. Walter Ryser from Switzerland.   Awards to claimants who are victims of Nazi persecution will be subject to the results of this process.

The Independent Committee of Eminent Persons
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